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The Global Contact Centre Benchmark Report is widely acknowledged to be the most useful, authoritative and comprehensive research of its kind.  


Benchmarking is about learning, identifying gaps in performance and adopting best practice awareness that can be used to drive cost reduction and a business case to positive change.


The 2012 Benchmark Portal results are drawn from six key business areas (shown below). It provides users with access to over 350 performance metrics drawn from 639 respondents located in 72 countries. The global data can be filtered down by Region, Sector, Size and Provider Type….

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Strategy and development

Organisations have to balance traditional contact centre capabilities with consumer demands for service access across numerous channels offerings. A clear development strategy is required to help understand the ‘what is’ versus the ‘to be’ desired position.


Review areas within this section include:

•        Contact centre development strategy

•        Market trends

•        Multi-channel service offerings

•        Business intelligence

•        Outsourcing

•        Innovation and Social media


It’s no longer just about calls. Multi-channel communication has arrived and contact volumes continue to grow. Service complexity is increasing and economic conditions continue to squeeze operations to do more with less, but we’re seeing positive signs of evolutionary change.


Review areas within this section include:

•        Customer satisfaction

•        Call quality

•        Management information

•        Call statistics

•        Contact resolution

•        Performance management

Customer interaction management

Interactions previously managed within the contact centre are starting to extend into the rest of the business. Integrated business systems are the only way to ensure commitments made by front line staff to customers are upheld and consumers can enjoy a consistent service experience across contact channels.


Review areas within this section include:

•        Customer segmentation

•        Single view of customer

•        Customer intelligence

•        Service impactors

•        Process re-engineering

•        Internal SLA’s


More users than ever before are choosing self-service options to conduct business. Increasing numbers of consumers are electing to use mobile devices such as computer tablets and smart handset devices both in their business and personal lives, enabling all sorts of choice and changes to the mix of contact channels. Consumers are increasingly dictating how and when they engage with their chosen service provider.


Review areas within this section include:

•        Self-service capability

•        Self-service priorities

•        Customer behaviours

•        Call statistics

•        Process reviews

•        Channel development

Workforce optimisation

Contact centres are still all about the management of people and processes. People are the ultimate variable and determinant of success on a daily basis remains the greatest challenge. Workforce optimisation (WFO) supports effective delivery of those key operational enablers listed below in conjunction with quality and performance management.


Review areas within this section include:

•        Staffing model

•        Training

•        Competency management

•        Employee satisfaction

•        Human resources

•        Workforce management


The pace of technological change is dramatic and continues to rise. While these developments are positive, they present certain challenges for the business. Contact centres have to consider their technology across the three core focus areas of consolidation, integration and innovation.


Review areas within this section include:

•        Technology trends

•        Technology readiness

•        Ownership

•        Contact centre deployments

•        Application functionality

•        Service management

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